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We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial and multi-family developments.

Geomatics: Services
M & L Devlopment

Municipal & Land Development


Subdivision of land can be a complex and lengthy process.  Our experience with subdivision design, municipal approvals and legal documentation make us an excellent choice to take your subdivision from initial application to registration at the Land Titles Office.  Pasquini & Associates can also provide our clients with civil engineering services to take your project from initial concept through design\approvals to completed construction to realize your proposed development. 

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Site Surveys

A site survey is the foundation of your development project.  It is the important first step for your project and provides the legal base plan and topographic information to be used by your Architect and/or Engineer to support preparation of their design plans and requirements for development applications\approvals.  We understand your project mapping needs and realize the importance of an accurate topographic survey.  Let us help you get your project off on the right foot.


Road Plans

As part of our work on new subdivision in Alberta we often prepare plans of survey for road dedication and\or road thoroughfare closure.  We work closely with Engineers and Municipalities and have a deep understanding of the approvals and registration process.  Whether you need a road widening or a major arterial road adjacent to your project we can get the job done.  



Condominium plans play a big part in land development in Calgary and area.  We have many years of experience working on condominiums and have a deep understanding of the municipal approvals and documentation required to support your residential, commercial or mix-use development.  Pasquini & Associates can also provide our clients with civil engineering services to take your project from initial concept through design\approvals to completed construction to realize your proposed development. 


Right of Way Plans

Whether required as a condition of your Development Permit Subdivision Application we have the expertise to get it done.  Through our relationships with utility providers and expertise in right of way documentation, we can tackle any utility rights of way you need for your project.


Titles and Registration

Our Land Surveyors have more than 40 years of experience reviewing and interpreting Titles and Registered Documents that affect your project.  Our expertise is essential to understanding the registered instruments affecting the extents of you land ownership or ensuring the new Titles created with your subdivision and condominiums are free and clear of unnecessary  encumbrances.  

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Multi-Residential, Commercial & Industrial Structures

Our team provides our customers with accurate and timely surveys for; Gridlines, Anchor Bolts, Deep Utilities, Building Layout and all other required layout throughout the construction process to ensure your structures, utilities and surface improvements are accurately positioned in accordance with the design drawings.

Anchor Bolt 1

Deformation Monitoring

Pasquini & Associates offers precise and timely deformation reporting and tracking of all structural types and sizes.


Machine Control

Providing contractors with the necessary data files to allow for precise use of GPS controlled earthwork machinery.

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New Home Construction

New Home Construction

Builder Surveying Services

At Pasquini & Associates, we understand the importance of ensuring the new home construction process is efficient, timely and accurate. We provide Plot Plans, Construction Stakeouts, As-Constructed Elevation Measurements, Real Property Reports and Grade Certificates to support  new home construction in Calgary and surrounding areas.

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Real Property Reports

Having the RPR, along with the corresponding Stamp of Compliance, is a significant component of the sale of a home. We offer both the RPR and Compliance submission (Calgary Only) for the sale of your home.

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Site Surveys for Development Permits or Land Use Amendment

Our Geomatics team can provide builders and developers with accurate site surveys which meet the municipality's requirements to support their applications for Development Permits or Land Use Amendments.

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