Stephen Sheldrake

P.Eng. Project Manager

Stephen has 15 years of design and project management experience in Land Development Engineering in Calgary and the surrounding areas.  His areas of expertise include detailed design of construction drawings, procurement of construction permissions and general project management.

Tony Derix

P.Eng. Project Manager

Tony has over 13 years of experience in Land Development and Project Management in Calgary and the surrounding area.  His experience ranges from preliminary engineering at the Outline/Neighbourhood Plan stage to detailed design and project management through to construction.

Kevin Buchanan

P.Eng. Project Manager

Kevin has over 14 years of detailed design and project management experience on Land Development projects in Calgary and elsewhere in Southern Alberta.  As Project Manager, Kevin is responsible for all tasks from preliminary design to municipal approvals through to construction and completion certificates.

Allison Arcovio


Allison works on all aspects of detailed design for new subdivisions.  She manages the preparation, review and coordination of approvals for the construction drawings.  Allison also prepares the stormwater management reports.

Michele Martin

Shallow Utilities Coordinator

Michele has over 25 years of Shallow utility design experience.  Working with Land Develolpers, Utility Providers and Municipalities, Michele ensures the timely delivery of utility infrastructure to service residential and commercial developments.


Boris Velcic

CST, Field Project Manager

Boris has over 30 years of experience in the Land Development industry in Calgary and surrounding areas.  His experience includes project cost estimates and payments, contract administration, project coordination, scheduling, construction and surveying.  

Brian Poffenroth

CST, Field Project Manager

Brian has over 39 years of experience in the land development industry and municipal engineering field.  His experience includes project coordination, preparing cost estimates, budget calculations, contract administration, progress claims and 20 years of experience as a land development surveyor.

Blair MacNeil

Field Project Manager

Blair has 23 years of experience in municipal construction and land development including construction project management, cost estimating, budgeting and construction surveying.

Darryl Heidt

CST, Field Project Manager

Darryl has over 20 years working in the land development field.  His work has included surveying, field inspection, and project management on both commercial and residential developments.

Mike Buchan

CET, GSC, Field Project Manager

Mike has over 14 years of experience in the land development and municipal engineering field.  Mike is responsible in managing various developments during the construction stage.



Landon Boe

A.L.S., Project Manager

Landon has over 13 years
professional experience in the land development industry in Alberta.   

Horatiu Caraba

A.L.S., Project Manager

Horatiu has 10
years of professional experience in the land development industry in Alberta.

Ryan Medlicott

Project Manager

Ryan has over 25 years of new
home construction experience in Alberta.



 Pasquini and Associates team is a blend of design professionals, project managers, and field staff with varying levels of experience.  Our staff includes:

6 Professional Engineers

3 Professional Land Surveyors

12 CADD Technologists

12 Field personnel including project managers, inspectors and surveyors.

2 Administrators 

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